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I started On Track Training in 1989 while training for my first physique show and working as a graphic designer. Back then, I worked with all different types of clients but mostly people wanting to know how to workout correctly and eat right in an effort to better themselves. As I continued to compete and create a name for myself, my business tended to attract more clients wanting to know how to prepare themselves for a physique show.

In 2002, I added promotion of NPC physique shows to my business and since then I have slowly re-directed my personal training business to a combination of physique event promotion and working with athletes who want to compete in physique shows.

Currently, On Track Training specializes in clients who would like to compete in physique sports: bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure and bikini. Along with one on one training and consultation, either face to face or through online programs, On Track Training offers several seminars and group classes to educate the physique athlete. These seminars range from broad coverage of topics to more specific and personal group workshops and are perfect for touching base between appointments with myself or another personal trainer.

The future of On Track Training is continually changing, but on the horizon it will include more seminars, workshops and group training as well as an opportunity to learn via educational videos and podcasts.

On Track Training’s dream of helping people feel better about themselves has been coming true over the past 22 years one day at a time. Join Team On Track so I can help you make your dreams of being a champion come true!

I met with Christine and decided to move forward and register for my first competition. I started out in the Figure division at 2010 North Star with only 7 weeks to diet, but Christine assisted me with posing and provided me with diet help and a preparation outline to guide me to the stage.
I mark my experience at the North Star as a success, but I learned that I was too athletic and lean to be a figure competitor. I’m a runner, a marathoner—not a bodybuilder. I decided that I wanted to be both, but how would I succeed? I attended all of the seminars in On Track Training’s Digging Deeper into Contest Prep series leading to 2011 Gopher State. Christine provided all the necessary tools along with body fat testing, so the athletes could follow their progression and have all the tools necessary to guide them on stage with confidence and grace. The Gopher State Classic was a marathon of a different sort and I have a new respect for the sport of bodybuilding. The hours of commitment, preparing and planning were beyond my comprehension. Everyday, I’d think of On Track Training, my friends and family. At the finals of the 2011 Gopher Classic, it was revealed that I truly earned a winning bodybuilder status. It’s true, the unbelievable can be achieved.
Christine is an outstanding event promoter and even a better personal trainer. I thank her for that and respect everything she’s done for me. Thank you, Christine for seeing something in me that I could not believe myself. I look forward to taking my experience at Gopher and becoming a better, more knowledgeable athlete.
Willie Tibbets, 2011 NPC Gopher State Classic Women’s Bodybuilding Champ

I began training with Christine after I went to one of her posing seminars. At first, I just wanted help with posing, but it quickly turned into posing, diet, and weight training. She is very knowledgeable and it shows through her training and seminars. My first year on stage I won my class and went onto Jr. Nationals. Without Christine, I would have never thought I was ready to enter a National Competition. She has become a friend and someone I can trust and have total confidence in her expertise to prep me for all of my shows. She is always there for me when I have questions, including on the day of competition. I am proud to be part of On Track Training and look forward to continued success with Christine by my side.
Christie Mader, 2011 NPC MN State Figure Overall Champ

I trained with Christine for many years and thanks to her I won the heavy weight division in the Gopher State bodybuilding show. I am also a two time state powerlifting champion because of her. She can do wonders for anyone who willing to put the time and effort in. She has in so many ways helped me be who I am today. Christine is very dedicated to what she does and has made the world of bodybuilding more understanding to many people.
Cathy Anderson, NPC Women’s Bodybuilding Competitor & Powerlifting Champ

I first met Chris four years ago when I decided to compete in my first figure competition. I knew nothing about lifting weights, training, or the real definitions of carbohydrates, proteins etc. I must say Chris taught it all to me. She helped me with my body, my suit selection, my diet, posing, and my confidence. She is my trainer, my mentor and now my friend. I have competed in 3 shows and placed in the top 3 for all shows. It has been a wonderful experience working with Chris, competing in shows and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend On Track Training!
Lisa Burton, NPC Figure Competitor

Christine’s personal training name, “On Track Training” says it all. Not only does she help with contest prep, workout programs and diet, she makes sure I am reaching my full potential during every phase of my training. When I first approached Christine, I already had two years of competition experience, trying to diet and train on my own. During that time, it was frustrating not getting the results I wanted. But under Christine’s watchful eye, I have been able to add muscle, reduce body fat and gain more confidence on stage in just six months.
I highly recommend using Christine’s services. She has walked in our shoes as a fellow competitor and understands the mental and physical demands training has on the body. I know that when I come to her for advice, she will always guide me in the right direction. It is such a relief and comfort knowing I have someone who will stand by me and help me succeed. She truly cares about how her clients prepare for a contest, and ensures the transition into an off season is done in a healthy and respectful manner as well. No problem is too big or small for her.
Another unique advantage that Christine offers anyone wanting to learn more about the NPC (National Physique Committee) and competing is the numerous seminars she offers throughout the year. It is a special time to meet fellow athletes, to ask questions and learn from an I.F.B.B. professional, NPC national level judge and the district chairperson for MN, ND, and SD. I have had so much fun hanging out and talking to competitors backstage because I knew so many from the seminars.
I can speak passionately about Christine and her services because she lives her motto every day. Not only does she strive to be her personal best but she also works tirelessly to promote excellent and well run shows. Christine inspires me to be a better athlete and she has me genuinely excited about living a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to continuing my training with Christine and On Track Training and celebrating the results at future shows.
Mary Stockbridge, IFBB Fitness Pro

I approached Christine with my fitness competition goals in 2010 after moving from Arizona in 2009. Her reputation preceded her as I had heard about her seminars & active role in the midwest bodybuilding/fitness community.
Christine is a rock. She’s reliable, full of information, full of passion, w/ an incredible head on her shoulders, and great energy.
Christine helped to make my contest prep and fitness journey in Minnesota second to none. Her knowledge extends beyond diets and training. She was thoughtful in her recommendations to ensure my success; from what contest to prepare for, to who to go to for suits, photographers, & she worked w/ me through injury. I was impressed from day one w/ her organization, & she now stands as one of my role models as a energetic passionate business woman who keeps the clients’ best interest at heart.
We need more people like Christine Bongiovanni in the fitness industry.
Tyler Powers, NPC Fitness Competitor

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On Track Training is run by Christine Bongiovanni-Stiff, Minnesota's first IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Christine offers diet & training programs, group classes and seminars to help the physique competitor reach all their on stage (or off stage!) goals. On Track Training also promotes the NPC Gopher State Classic, NPC MN State Classic and the NPC North Star competitions.


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