On Track Training offers a variety of services to fit the needs of individual athletes. These services can be utilized individually, in conjunction with guidance from other trainers or dietitians.


On Track Training seminars provide a great foundation to get started with your contest prep. We offer six different seminars: Contest Prep Seminar, the Digging Deeper into Contest Prep series which consists of an 8 week out, 4 week out, 1 week out and post contest seminar, and a Posing Seminar which is held in conjunction with a Group Posing Practice session. If you are new to the world of physique sports, these seminars provide a great “jumping off” point to gather a lot of the basic information you’ll need to start your contest prep journey. We recommend these seminars to first, second or third time competitors, those just considering competing in the future and trainers looking to get more information about the diet and training process for physique competitions.

We also have recorded versions of some of our seminars available for purchase on our website. These currently include: Contest Prep Seminar for Figure, Fitness & Bikini, Contest Prep Seminar for Bodybuilding and Digging Deeper into Contest Prep IV: Post Contest.

Group Sessions: Group Workouts & Group Posing Practices

At On Track Training, we know that training for a physique competition can get expensive! Our group sessions help make getting as much prep as you can more affordable, while also introducing you to other competitors who are going through the same process as you.

Group Workouts will be designed based on where the registrants for each workout are in their training process and not all registrants need to be in the same place. While each workout focuses on specific body parts, each athlete will get the type of workout needed for their particular circumstance. If you are a beginner to these group workouts expect a more basic type of physique training so that Christine can make sure that you are incorporating good form in your unsupervised workouts.

Group Posing Practices are open to all divisions unless otherwise noted, sessions will last 15-90 minutes based upon number of athletes registered per division. At each session, registrants will go over posing with Christine by posing as a group and posing individually. Posing practices that are scheduled close to the dates of local shows will also focus on stage presence and registrants will go through what they will be doing on stage, rather than just focusing on getting the poses down.

Fitness Summits

Our newest event type will focus on bring physique and other strength sports athletes together to grow their knowledge base. On Track will bring in different guest speakers to talk about and demonstrate topics from workouts and recovery, health and wellness and more! Stay tuned for more details as we plan for our first summit, the Women’s Fitness Summit in Spring/Summer 2017!

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On Track Training

On Track Training is run by Christine Bongiovanni-Stiff, Minnesota's first IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Christine offers diet & training programs, group classes and seminars to help the physique competitor reach all their on stage (or off stage!) goals. On Track Training also promotes the NPC Gopher State Classic, NPC MN State Classic and the NPC North Star competitions.


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